Creating books with images and equations
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   During building of LITE or TINY midlet, you can specify HTML files with images. Wizard will embed images into resulting JAR files along with text. All images will be converted and scaled according to selected quality settings.  

   To build a book with images, HTML editor is not required. You can create text in Microsoft Word, and than save it into HTML format (File->Save in HTML format...).  
   Example of Microsoft Word documend with images and equations can be found here:  
   file://C:\Program Files\ReadManiac\Samples\SampleBookWithImages\English\Book with images and equations.doc  
   Images take space and make JAR files larger. With a 64Kb JAR size limit, Wizard will be forced to make a lot of JAR files from a single HTML.  
   Some low-end phones have low dynamic memory (heap). This possibly can cause crash when trying to show large images.  
   Note. HTML file should use UTF-8 or one of the codepages, supported by midlet. Current version does not support Unicode encoding. To convert HTML into format, supported by ReadManiac, please cut and paste whole page from Internet explorer into Microsoft Word and follow instructions above.  
   See also: Images conversion options from HTML files.     

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