Additional fonts selection
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   Besides standart phone's fonts, ReadManiac allows to use additional fonts. Additional fonts can be placed in three available slots. Slots 1 and 2 are used by midlet interface and can not be changed, but still can be used for reading.  

   Wizard provides several font packs.

   "Include large menu font" allows to use bigger front in menu (8x5 instead of 6x4). This option is recomended for phones with screen 150 pixels wide and more. In any case, midlet will use 5x3 font for phones with screen less that 128 pixels wide.  
   You also can insert user-made font into any available slot (please select "Custom..." from the drop down list).

   Additional fonts increase resultng JAR size.

   Negative support means possibility to swap text and background colors. Negative support requires inclusion of additional resources, and also increases resulting JAR size. Some phone models can support Negative mode without additional resources for some kinds of fonts. In this case, "Negative support" option will be grayed.  
   You must take into account JAR size limit when addinig fonts.  
   See also: Creating fonts

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