Filesystem access on phones with JSR-75 API support
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   Midlet provides full-featured filesystem access on these phones. Put books into any directory on the phone, including MMC card.  
   On Nokia phones, please enter applications menu and set "Application Access -> Phone Access -> Read User Data" option to "Ask every time" before running midlet. Otherwise midlet will not work.  
   Phone shows a lot of security prompts while midlet is accessing filesystem. It is important to always answer "Allow" for normal functionality.  
   While building midlet with Wizard, user should specify storage folder for files, downloaded from internet.  
   If storage folder is specified correctly, "Free" label in "File" menu shows non-zero value, but midlet still can not write downloaded files and search books with error message "Error: Unable to create destination file. Invalid filename, no free space or not enougth security rights to write data (JSR-75).", than midlet has not enought right to write data to filesystem.    In this case, if you want to read books, downloaded from internet, please build version without filesystem access (on Generic MIDP20 core).  
   See also: Selecting storage directory, How to get rid of annoying security prompts?, JSR-75 API  

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