Filesystem access on Siemens SL45i, M50 and C55
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   Please put books into "Storage" subdirectory on these phones.  
   For example, if midlet has been installed into"\java\jam\ReadManiac", put books into "java\jam\ReadManiac\storage\".  
   On these models, midlet can open files from phone's filesystem, but can not aquire list of files. File appears in "File" menu only after it has been opened once manually.  
   Please select "File->Open..." and enter file name. Do not enter file path. "txt" extension also can be skipped.  
   Midlet stores filelist in text file with name "filelist.dat". This file can be prepeared with Notepad on PC and downloaded to phone along with book. Thus new books will instantly appear in "File" menu.  
   An example of "filelist.dat" can be found here:  
   file://C:\Program Files\ReadManiac\Samples\SampleFileList\  
   Phone could show security prompts while midlet is accessing filesystem. It is important to always answer "Allow" or "For session" for normal functionality.  
   Note. Thanks for code snippet from Chaos, ReadManiac can read file list on Siemens sl45i with firmware 56. "filelist.dat" is not required on these phones. Midlet should be installed into "java\jam\ReadManiac\" directory to work properly. This path can be changed while building midlet - see "Storage path" in advanced options.  
   Note. ReadManiac 2.4 and 2.5 currently do not work on Siemens SL45i. This problem will be solved in the next release. Please use older 2.3 version for these phones.  
   See also: Siemens File API  

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