Differences beetween FULL, LITE TINY versions of ReadManiac
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   ReadManiac FULL
   ReadManiac FULL is a standalone application with the following features:  
·search for books in several online libraries, using dedicated search engine;  
·download books from interned directly to phone, without a need of PC;  
·read books from phone's filesystem (only on some phone models).  
   ReadManiac FULL is a nice choice when you are going to a trip. You do not need PC access, and you'll always have something to read.  
   If your phone allows filesystem access, than ReadManiac practically make it a PDA replacement. It's not rare when people stop to use PDA after installing ReadManiac to phone.  
   Optional ZIP support allows to download books in compressed format, saving internet traffic. PDB, PRC and TCR formats also save internet traffic and space on the phone.  
   See also: Building ReadManiac FULL, What phone models allow filesystem access from midlet?  
   ReadManiac LITE
   ReadManiac LITE is a midlet with embeded book. Technically, this is cutdown version of ReadManiac FULL, without possibility to search, download and read books from phone's filesystem. It has embeded book instead. This midlet allows to read embeded book only.  
   To read some other book, user have to build another midlet.  
   ReadManiac LITE is reccomended for usage on phones without filesystem access.  
   While building ReadManiac LITE, Wizard allows to embed HTML files with images. Ability to read books with images are available only in LITE and TINY versions of ReadManiac.  
   You can download only FULL version of ReadManiac from wap page. If you are going to use LITE version of midlet, you have to have a PC with a cable to build and install midlets to phone.  
   See also: Building ReadManiac LITE or TINY  
   ReadManiac TINY
   ReadManiac TINY is a ReadManiac LITE with following features cutdown:  
·goto page by number;  
·"Paragraph" menu;  
·"Codepage" menu.  
   TINY version is reccomended for phones with 64Kb JAR limit.  
   TINY version allows to embed about 30Kb of text into 64Kb JAR file.  
   See also: Building ReadManiac LITE or TINY  

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