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   First of all, you have to find right version of midlet(JAR and JAD files of application) for your phone model.  
   There are three ways to install midlet to the phone (this concerns all midlets including J2ME games):  
·WAP download;        
·Installation using cable;  
·Installation using IRDA or Bluetooth.  
   With WAP download, in contrary to other methods, you can install only versions, available on the WAP page. WAP page contains only FULL versions for most popular phone models, and Generic versions, working on any phone.     
   If you are going to install midlet using your PC, than you have possibility to build customized version of midlet with custom fonts and keys configurations. You have to use ReadManiac Building Wizard application to make midlet's JAR and JAD files.  
   If you are going to use LITE or TINY version of midlet, than PC and cable are required.  
   Step-by-step midlet installation process depends on phone model and used software. Please check this FAQ:  
   See also: Using Wizard to build midlet  

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