Installation by cable
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   If your phone was sold with cable or craddle for connection to PC, you probably already tried to install some J2ME games. ReadManiac installation has little difference with that process.  
   Since you are installing midlet from PC, you have possibility to build fully customized version of midlet for your phone, including custom keys configuration and fonts. You also can use LITE or TINY version of midlet.  
   First, you have to use Wizard application to build midlet. When you get applicaton's JAR and JAD files, you should install them to phone using software, provided with cable on phone. This process is similar to J2ME games installation.  
   If you do not have cable, you can buy it separately. Please ask manager at any store, selling mobile phones.  
   Detailed instruction on midlet installation can usually be found in cable's or phone's manual.  
   "Disadwantage" of this method is that you have to have a PC.  

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