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Nowdays I do most of my reading on the train when I'm going to and coming from work. So I usually carry around huge books and/or many loose sheets of paper that loose their order very often. To add to the frustration, I have a lot of articles that I would like to read but guess what, I can't read them because they are on the Internet. So I tought: If the phone reads images and videos, would it read text files? Googled for J2ME code examples, when I found ReadManiac. ReadManiac is a midlet that does exactly what I was wanting.  
   Mobile phone developers are ready to do everything to trick users to buy new phone models every year. Everyone know, that even three-year old mobile phone already has every function needed to make a call. But you have to buy a new model with it's features to be in fashion, because your friend already has camera and dictophone in his new toy... Even if you understand, that you do not need high resolution color screen, camera and MP3 player to make a call.  
   One of these features is J2ME applications support. Now lets see, whether we can make some use of it.  
   What does J2ME support allows us? First of all, it is an ability to play a lot of old games, from early days of PCs. As for me, I have played these games too much and became boring. But, like many other people in the World, I still like reading books, and J2ME will help us with that!  
   Modern mobile phone is a small computer with CPU, memory, operational system and modem with ability to access internet. The only thing left is to install to it a small application - midlet - and we can read books with wide range of choise. Books can be downloaded directly from internet - there are a lot of online libraries available.  
   Many bookreaders for mobile phones can be found in internet. There are several links on ReadManiac web page:  
   I hope, ReadManiac will became your choise.  
   If you became interested in possibility to read books on mobile phone, please read topic about two kinds of bookreader midlets.  

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