File menu
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   "File" menu contains file browser.  
   Depending on midlet version, files from phone's filesystem or files from internal midlet filesystem are displayed here.  
   LITE and TINY versions of midlet do not have this menu. "Read book" item in main menu is displayed instead, and it opens embeded book.  
   Files can be deleted with "#" key.  
   "Free memory" label shows available space for storing downloaded files.  
   "Open..." item allows to input file name directly; full file path should be entered. If midlet does not support phone's filesystem access, "Erase all" item is displayed instead. Chosing this will erase all filed and settings, actually re-initializing internal midlet filesystem. This does not affect phone's filesystem at all.  
   "Get HTTP..." and "Find book.." items call File download dialog and Search book dialog respectively.  
   See also: What phone models allow filesystem access from midlet?  

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