Formating menu
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   "Formating" menu allows to change text fomatting options.  
   ReadManiac re-formats original text to fit phone's screen. Is it recommended to leave all options enabled.  
   "Remove CR." removes empty lines.  
   "Remove " "" removes repetitive spaces.  
   "Remove "-"" contatenates hyphenated words.  
   "Wrap" allows to hyphenate words. Unfortunatelly, sometimes hyphenation will be grammatically incorrect.  
   "X spacing" will reallign horizontal width with spaces to fill screen by width.  
   "Yspacing" will add space beetween lines (in pixels). Negative values are allowed.  
   "Indent" will create indented paragraph from every sentence. This greatly increases perception.  
   "Reigh2left" option is used to read texts on languages with right-to-left orientation (Arabic, Hebrew).  
   Note. This menu is not present in TINY version of midlet.  

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