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   "Options" menu leads to "Fonts", "Formating", "Layout", "Codepage" and "Slideshow" submenus.  
   "Light" allows to controck screen backlight.  
   If midlet can not control backlight on this phone model, this option is absent.  
   If midlet can control backlight brightness, this option take values 0..100, where 0 means backlight off.  
   If user does not press keys for 3 minutes, and slideshow is off, midlet will turn off backlight.  
   On some phone models midlet does not control backlight exclusively; phone's firmware may turn it on when key is pressed, even if option in midlet is set to "off".        
   "Autosleep" item specifies amount of idle time before midlet closes (minutes). This item prevents total discharge if you forgot midlet running.  
   "Eyeguard" item specifies period of time (minutes) before midlet shows "Take a break" splash.  
   Reading with small fonts for a long time can cause headache and eyesight problems. If you feel some discomfort while reading, please take a break. If you feel discomfort every time you use midlet, please stop using ReadManiac at all.  

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