Standalone applications
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   First kind of bookreades are installed to phone once, and than used to read files from phone's filesystem. User periodically uploads new files to phone via cable, IRDA or Bluetooth. Frequently, these midlets allow to download books from internet directly to phone.  
   Not every phone model allows to access filesystem from midlet.  
   From this category, only MicroReader (for Siemens), TequilaCat BookReader(with JSR-75 API support) and ReadManiac FULL (for Siemens and phones with JSR-75 API or Motorola FileAccess API support) can be named.  
   The good thing is that after midlet is installed, you do not need PC anymore, and can download books from internet directly to phone. Very nice feature if you are going to a trip.  
   If phone model does not allow filesystem access, ReadManiac FULL can keep downloaded books in RecordStore, using internal filesystem. Unfortunatelly, some phones provide too litle space in Recordstore. Midlets of second kind is recommended for these phones.  
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