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Here is a list of people who directly or indirectly helped to develop ReadManiac,
in unsorted order:

Vyacheslav Filatov - Russian ReadManiac page and forum admin;
Alexandre Rusev, Alexey Soloviev - J2ME port of JZLib
JCraft - Authors of JZLib
Peter Bachraty - Slovak and German translation;
Christoph Glotzbach -
German translation;
Piotr Trukhanovich - German translation;

El Efecto Conil - Vodafone testing;
Martin Krejza (CrazyCZ) - Czech translation
Chaos - code snippet for browsing directories on SL45I;
Andrejs Usacovs - 5x3ru_1 font;
Khruschev Sergey - 6x3ru font;
Jagraj Singh - Punjab script testing;
Korobkin Kirill, Anton Markelov, Ye! <> - help with 41 firmware testing;
jonny - provided his Motorola C450 for testing;
Patrik Spanel, author of SciZipFile component for Delphi;
Jordan Russell, author of InnoSetup;
Dmitry Kann, author of DKLang component for Delphi;
Stephane Vander Clock, author of AlHintBaloon component for Delphi;
Maltsev Sergey, author of SpHtmlHelp component for Delphi;
Jacob "m3Rlin" Dybala, author of JDUrlLabel component for Delphi;
Thomas Tscherner, SE K750i testing;
LSDen, SonyErricsson T630 testing;
Antoine [KNet], Slovak translation;
Fedir Indutnyi, Ukrainian translation;
Edu, Motorola C650 testing;
Vladimir Voitsehovich <>,Vadim Barsukov <>,
grafmoto, jenFa - help with Motorola filesystem access development and testing;
Vitaly Paykov <> - help with Siemens sl45i testing;
Alejandro Diaz Infante - Motorola A780 testing;
Meir Biton Zahav - Hebrew version testing;
AndruÍ PadÓaraŽ - Belarusian translation;

And thanks to many other people for feedback and bugreports !









Copyright (C) 2003 by Roman Lut

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