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Known bugs

Please check online manual for the list of known bugs.


Future development

ReadManiac is constantly evolving program.
The following features are planned in future versions (in order of priority):

- fix filebrowser issue on Siemens S75;
- joystick rotation with scren rotation;
- backlight brigtness controll;
- preset formating options in Wizard;
- keyboard locking;
- Turkish support;
- search with google;
- fix FULL version for Siemens sl45i;
- fonts download from site;
- editor;
- rework menu - color version;
- rework text formating - hyphenation, wordwrap, indent;
- keep single line of last page on top;
- line-by-line paging;
- stylus support for Motorola phones;
- wizard should sign midlet with home-made certificate.

Version history

What's new in versions 2.5.2:

- JSR75 core keeps settings in RecordStore: much less security prompts, more phones supported (Nokia 6101, 5140i);
- filesystem access support for Siemens S75, SL75, SXG75;
- Greek support;
- filesystem access support for Motorola V620;
- increased stability: fixed OutOfMemory crash when selecting large font on Nokia series 40. Now midlets normally reports "Unable to create selected font";
- increased stability: fixed OutOfMemory crash when trying to show large embeded image in LITE/TINY midlet. Now red rectangle is shown if there is not enought memory to show image;
- ability to include introduction text in LITE/TINY midlets;
- fixed: crash with lansdcape mode on Nokia 6270;
- fixed: crash when closing flip on Motorola V620/V635;
- fixed: smooth scroll can't be stopped;
- fixed: midlet sometimes hangs with autosleep;
- fixed: subfolders do not appear at the top of the folder list, but appear mixed with files instead (JSR75);
- fixed: files and folders, starting with "!", are displayed above "../" in folder list (JSR75);
- fixed: pdb, prc and tcr files are not shown in file browser (Motorola C650 version);

What's new in versions 2.5.1:

- "MIDP1.0" core is split into "MIDP1.0 core", "MIDP1.0 core with backlight control"
and "Motorola MIDP1.0 core" due to issues with some older phones (f.e. Motorola C450);
- "Known issues" section added to manual;
- Right-to-left languages support (Arabic, Hebrew). I would like to hear some feedback here,
since I know nothing about these languages;
- added keys configuration for phones without keypad(Motorola A760);
- new improved algorithm for antialiazed fonts in CreateFont utility (Available only on WinXP);
- added "Restart" button to the last screen of Wizard;
- midlet ignores double key press;
- fixed: unable to install to Motorola MIDP1.0 phones (C370/C450/C550);
- fixed: "Unable to access filesystem" error on SonyErricsson K750i;
- fixed: lite midlets show invalid book name in information screen;
- fixed: ClearType fonts had incorect RGB order. Thats why they looked so bad!;
- fixed: nokia MIDP1.0 core exceeded 64KB JAR limit;
- fixed: crash on Motorola A780;
- fixed: minor manual bugs;
- fixed: percentage of read text is displayed incorrectly in information screen;
- fixed: russian filenames are shown as "????" in deletion confirmation dialog (Siemens);
- fixed: .idx files are not deleted when deleting ZIP archive;
- fixed: unable to specify different filename except "ReadManiac" when building FULL version of midlet;

What's new in versions 2.5.0:

- Wizard can convert HTML files with images into LITE and TINY midlets;
- MOTOC650 core with filesystem access for phones with Motorola FileAccess API (Motorola C380,C650,E398,V635);
- new TINY core, can embed more text than LITE, but have most functions cut off;
- backlight control for Samsung and LG phones;
- much faster ZIP extraction;
- LG phones support;
- keypad light off for some Motorola phones;
- Motorola MIDP10 core merged into MIDP10 core;
- Wizard allows to embed multiple text files into LITE/TINY midlet;
- TCR and PDB support is now optional (along with ZIP) because core grows too much in size to fit 64K JAR limit;
- fixed several keys configurations;
- ability to create LITE/TINY midlets for a custom list of phones at once;
- bug overworks added: should allow to run midlet on phones with bad javax.microedition.rms implementation;
- download engine allows 5 sec timeout beetween http data chunks; helps with some http servers.
- detailed documentation is now available in CHM format;
- ability to specify book name to be displayed in title screen of LITE/TINY midlet;
- LITE/TINY midlet filename does not include numbers in book has been converted into single JAR;
- fixed: crash with screen rotation bug (Motorola);
- fixed: crash when opening file from ZIP with very long filename (Siemens);
- fixed: ukrainian version is not built when using "Build all midlets" option in Wizard;
- fixed: midlet is unable to find additional fonts, placed in storage directory (Siemens);
- fixed: createfont utility is unable to create ClearType fonts larger than 18pt;
- fixed: unable to turn on negative mode on std font if midlet was built with fonts without negative support;
- fixed: midelt icon is not shown on Motorola phones;
- fixed: URLs longer than 99 chars was not handled properly. Now max length is 160;
- fixed: inable to continue download from some URLs;
- fixed: files like "" was not threated as binary;
- fixed: incorrect hyphenation when using non-primary codepage;
- fixed: too many security prompts while downloading some files with JSR-75 core;

What's new in versions 2.4:

- Backlight control for Nokia MIDP20, SonyEricsoon MIDP20 and Motorola MIDP10/MIDP20 phones;
- second background color for odd/even lines coloring;
- smooth and wave slideshow modes (controlled from SlideShow menu);
- Wizard remembers last used options;
- MMC card browser for Siemens M75, S75, SG75, SXG75;
- Ukrainian localization;
- updated Slovak localization;
- "Go to" and "Search" dialogs can be closed with red key (Siemens);
- fixed PDB and PRC decompressor bug;
- fixed: under particular circumstances autoscroll skips pages;
- fixed: hang with autosleep;
- minor bugfixes;

What's new in versions 2.3a-2.3g:

- added keyboard configuration for Motorola C650;
- Slovak translation for Wizard;
- fixed: LITE version is unable to open file with Nokia and Siemens core;
- fixed: Ukrainian characters in 7x5 and 6x4 fonts;
- added MMC file browser for Siemens CX75;
- fixed CreateFont utility for font size>16;
- fixed: does not work on SonyErricsson T610/T630;
- fixed: file browser does not work on Siemens M65V;
- file browser for Siemens 75 series;
- fixed: hangs with autosleep;
- multiligual installer;
fixed: keys does not repeat when hold;
- light control for Siemens 65 series;
- Midlet Builder Wizard allows to change JAR size;
- fullscreen on Motorola MIDP2.0 and Alcatel phones;
- added Alcatel Onetouch phones support;
- fixed: occassional crash when rotating screen;
- fixed: unable to change keys config;
- fixed fonts list for Siemens;
- fullscreen on Motorola C370/C450/650;
- added Motorola keys config 2;
- fixed screen rotation for Motorola Vxxx;
- fixed softkeys issue for Siemens;

What's new in version 2.3:

- new MIDP2.0 core;
- landscape mode support (MIDP2.0 core);
- JSR-75 (FileConnection API) support;
- Siemens SX1 core;
- keys configuration support for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyErricsson phones;
- this version of midlet does not require JAD file to install;
- CreateFont utility allows to create fonts with height large than 16;
- minor bugfixes and enchantments;

What's new in version 2.2:

- LITE Version: text-to-midlet convertor;
- New CreateFont utility: Color, Antialized and ClearType fonts.
Old fonts are not compatible with ReadManiac 2.2;
- default fonts can be replaced by custom fonts while building midlet with Wizard;
- ability to change font and background color (for STDxxx fonts only) in midlet;
- MIDP10 core supports "Negative" more;
- since Siemens still did not solve bug with image inversion in firmwares 36,41 and 43,
buggy feature is not used by ReadManiac anymore. Now font file just
includes negated image;
- default folder for saving files while downloading books on
Siemens 65/70 is set to "a:\Misc";
- fixed bug: sometimes HTML tags were not deleted from search results;
- fixed bug: russian filenames appear corrupted;
- fixed bug: russian filenames inside ZIP archives appear corrupted;
- now ReadManiac comes in Install Package;

What's new in Quick fix for CX70:

- file browser works on CX70 with lastest firmware;
- this fix also can be used by 65 series owners with firmware 35,41 and 43 - this version
features working "Negative" mode, which is unavailable in version 2.1a of midlet;

What's new in version 2.1a:

- fixed bug: unable to run nokia version "Error verifying class Z";
- Samsung phones have been added to wizard phone list;
- S65 fw 41 added to wizard phone list;

What's new in version 2.1:

- MIDP1.0 version;
- Fixed: unable to list ZIP contents, if curently reading one of the files from this archive;
- page load and indexing can also be aborted with key 5;
- backlight is turned off after 15 minutes of inactivity(was: 1 minute);
- Readmaniac search engine URL is ignored in "Get HTTP..." dialog;
- fixed: long URLs in text cause crash in "Get HTTP..." dialog;
- package now comes with Midlet Builder Wizard instead of prebuilt midlets;
- added application icon;

Fix for firmware 41:

Firmware has 41 has a bug. Milet crashes with "Array index out of bounds" exception.
Some features has been disabled to enable midlet to run on this firmware.
So this version has some disadvantages:
- "negative" option does not work properly;
- menu and statusbar look different.

What's new in version 2.0:

- ZIP,PDB,PRC and TCR support;
- ability to download compressed files and fonst (binary download mode);
- German version;
- added file deletion confirmation dialog;
- holding page up/page down keys will turn pages with inreasing speed, jumping throught
several pages. Now this works on 65 series too;
- crash recovering: if midlet chashes while opening file, this file will not be opened automatically
(causing crash) when midlet is re-launched;
- backlight is turned off after 1 minute of inactivity (no key press and slideshow is off);
- more stable file browser for sl45i FW56;
- total number of kilobytes is shown while downloading
(n/N Kb - if server does return filesize);
- menu navigation with arrow keys on Nokia - right-left are swaped;
- fixed: download does not abort with "Left menu" key;
- fixed: screen does not update on Nokia when downloading on searching;
- fixed: progressbar shown incorectly on Nokia;
- fixed: "delete file" works only on files inside "\storage" directory;
- fixed: sometimes footer has not been writeln to file if download has been cancelled;
- minor bugfixes;

What's new in version 1.9a:

- Nokia version (Beta);
speed improvements, especially for 65 series;
- batery power consumption became smaller;
- font 5x4 replaced with 6x3;
- fixed: localized text on label in download input form is corrupted;
- fixed: unable to browse "\storage" folder on 65 series;
- fixed: crash to title when answering incoming call;

What's new in version 1.9:

- ReadManiac has got search engine! Search for books with
"File->Search book..." menu item;
- ReadManiac automatically handles page redirection when downloading from HTTP;
- menu has been made a little wider, so long filenames better fit on screen;
- larger font is used in menu on models with big screen;
- first page turns immediatelly after enabling slideshow;
- "UpperCase" option moved to "Fonts" menu;
- new option "Font->Accents:" - yes/no - use or not accented characters;
- fixed: unable to download files from - a page
with "Moved permanently" error is returned;
- new font has been included in package: 5x3ru_1.fnt - Cyrillic charset, made by Andrejs Usacovs.
Also build-in 5x3 font now contains small letters (has only uppercase before);
- fixed bug: all english leters appeared in upper case with non-primary codepage;
- fixed minor bug: "EOF" line is invisible when status bar is on top;
- minor bugfixes;

What's new in version 1.8c:

- Czech version - thanks to Martin Krejza - CrazyCZ for translation;
- file browser now browse MMC card on S65;

- file browser now browse subdirectories inside storage on SL45i FW56;

What's new in version 1.8b:

- File browser now works on C65V and other customized models
(Thanks to El Efecto Conil for usefull information and testing);
- continue download ("Get next part of the file") now does not require
to download and discard start of the file.
Start of the file is just skipped (if web server supports this).

What's new in version 1.8a:

- Slovak version - thanks to Peter Bachraty for translation !
- English - Cyrillic midlet version;
- fixed bug: midlet is unable to save settings if installed on top of older version;
- minor fix in strings in "English - Central Europe" and "English - Western Europe" midlets;
- 6x4ru cyrillic font by Khruschev Sergey included in package (see "\SampleFont");
- also fixed: midlet did not work if downloaded throught WAP ("Class not found: Canvas/Midlet1")

What's new in version 1.8:

- C65 model now supported;
- partial download (download file starting from specified offset in bytes),
continue download (get next part of partially downloaded file) - usefull for small storage phones;
- now midlet can show contents of "storage" directory on sl45i with
firmware 5601. Thanks to Chaos (
for code snippet !
- there are three versions of midlet now: English - Central Europe,
English - Western Europe, Russian. Difference is in interface language,
contained fonts and codepages;
- codepages affect both standart and build-in fonts;
- fonts have been reworked; new 8x5 font added;
- fixed bug: last file is not re-opened on the next launch (65 series);
- fixed bug: search does not respect codepage (f.e. Russian strings can not be searched);
- new option: "Formatting - Upper case" - convert all letters to upper case;
- short press "4" - search next, long press "4" - search;
- key "0" assigned back to "Page down" action. To add extra 3 second to
current page in slide show mode use "7" key;
- long press of "Page Up" or "Page Down" keys - jump throught several pages;
- " " tags are also removed while downloading html pages;
- "6" key is assigned to "Goto page...";
- "fontlist.dat" is no longer needed on phones with working browser.
Also, on some phones, fonts can be installed to other directory
than "storage" (f.e. "\misc" in case of 65 series, where "storage" is hard to find);
- file browser have "-storage" item to quickly move to storage directory;
- minor bugfixes;

What's new in version 1.7b:

- I hope finally fixed this :) - clock shows time respecting TimeZone and daylight-saving;
- minor fix in rmhelp.txt;
- new feature: status bar can be positioned on top or bottom of the page;

What's new in version 1.7a:

- fixed bug: midlet tries to open directories as files, file browser does not work;
- fixed bug: browser does not work on CF62;
- fixed bug: midlet does not remember AutoSleep: Off option;
- fixed bug: clock shows time ignoring TimeZone;
- fixed bug: read progress percentage shows negative values on large files;
- new feature: Y Spacing can be negative: -2..3;

What's new in version 1.7:

- full featured browser. Read FAQ on browser support on different phones;
- eyeguard can be disabled;
- autosleep can be disabled;
- ability to turn on 1-pixel border at the top of screen;
- "up" key does not turn off slideshow;
- slideshow speed can be adjusted in menu;
- key "4" is binded to "Search" and "Search next";
- center joystick press works like "Select" and "Show info";
- time is shown correctly (I hope...) respecting TimeZone;
- read progress is shown in percents in stats screen;
- long filenames scroll correctly in stats screen;
- "8" and "0" keys have been swapped. Now "8" shows next page,
and "0" adds extra 3 seconds to current page in slide show;
- some fonts have been re-worked;
- english version now includes mostly fonts with Windows: Central Europe charset.

What's new in version 1.6a:

- russian version of midlet;

What's new in version 1.6:

- CX65, C60, MC60 and CF62 support;
- new option: indent paragraphs;
- new font included in the package - 7x5 cyr;
- fixed bug: when using standart fonts, some pages appear blank;
- fixed bug: menu appears blank on C60;
- fixed bug: minor corruption in menu image on some phones;
- fixed bug: very small fonts (5x3) do not work on C60;
- file list works on MC60;

- very small fonts, created with CreateFont tool, now work on C60;

What's new in version 1.5:

- "File" menu shows all files from "storage" directory 
on S55,S57,SL55 and M55 phones. No need to type filenames manualy !
- repeated keys; - long filenames scroll in "File" menu; - Createfont.exe displays existing fonts in "Save As" dialog; - new layout option: Negative: on/off - negative page image
(white pixels on black background); - new layout option: Border: on/off - adds single pixel border to the left of text; - new formating option: XSpacing: on/off - insert spaces to fill by width; - pages count from 1 (was: from 0);
- fixed bug: midlet crashed when reading last page of help;

What's new in version 1.4:

- distributed under FREEWARE licence;
- has increased statibility on SL45i phones;

What's new in version 1.3:

- added support for fonts with overhung glyphs, f.e. PUNJAB script.

What's new in version 1.2:

- text formating is completely redone, no annoing "Formatting text" 
messages anymore. Can jump fast to random page. Page size is assumed 128 bytes for simplicity;
- added "Slide show" feature; - "8" key adds 3 seconds to current displayed page in "Slide show" mode; - added status bar with time and page number; - added information screen (called with "5" key), displays current
time, file name and page; - text files can be erased in "File open" dialog; - "File open" dialog displays free space; - title picture looks fine on small screens (Siemens M50/C55); - download progress displays amounth of bytes received; - "right" and "left" keys act like "select" and "cancel"; - while browsing menu, "down" key, pressed on the last menu item,
returns you to the top of menu; similar applies to the top item; - "0" key acts like "down" key; - midlet size has been reduced (for faster download); - performance improved a little, page cache size increased; - added new option to CreateFont: "Upper Case". Uncheck it,
and program will not change all letters in the font to upper case;
- "Font7x5" replaced with "6x4 CE" - font with
"Windows: Central Europe" charset. Old font "Font 6x4" renamed to "6x4 CYR";
Known issues: when paging backwards, text formating can differ from forward paging.

What's new in version 1.1:

- a bug in CreateFont utility has been fixed which caused freezing under Windows 95/98.














































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