Filesystem access on Motorola phones with JSR-75 API support
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   Unfortunatelly, only signed midlets can use filesystem access on these phones.  
   Author of ReadManiac does not have sertificate from Motorola and can not sign midlet.  
   If you install not signed midlet to phone, midlet will not work.  
   Fortunatelly, there is a way to gime midlet required permissions without signing.  
   WARNING! Following instructions include manipulations with phone's system files. Author will not be responsible for any damage, arrising during usage of this information. In any case, you always have possibility to use ReadManiac LITE, or ReadManiac FULL without filesystem access.  
   After overviewing midlet signing procedure, it is clearly can be seen that there is no way to fake midlet signature. System effectively resist intruders. But this system was not designed for the case when "intruder" is phone's owner.  
   Final decision about midlet privilegies is made by phone's firmware. Thus there are several possibilities exist to give priviliegies to midlet:  
·firmware fix. Unfortunatelly, Motorola has designed hardware protection against this;  
·adding fake Root certificate to validate fake certificate of midlet. Unfortunatelly, root certificates are stored in firmware;  
·fix system files, containing privilegies for installed midlets. This method was invented by forum users. dwALX made an easy to use tool for enabling privilegies for all installed midlet.  
   Midlet privilegies are assigned once during midlet installation. Privilegies are stored in phone's system files. These files can be modified with a special tool after midlet installation.  
   Here is a step-by-step instruction for installing midlet:  
   Download a tool for enabling privilegies for installed midlets:  
·connect phone to PC and wait until "Connected" message appears;  
·press "Grant" button;  
·reboot the phone;  
·now all midlets have permissions to use filesystem and internet access.  
   While building midlet with Wizard, user should specify storage folder for files, downloaded from internet.  
   See also: Selecting storage directory, JSR-75 API.  

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