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20/02/2008 ReadManiac goes Open Source

Due to complete loss of interest to J2ME programming, I'm stoping project support and starting SourceForge project. Whether this is a death of project, or group of talented developers will keep it evolving, will be known in nearest future.

01/09/2006 Version 2.6

Large interface font, improved bookmarks, default text formatting options and bugfixes. See Version history for details.

25/01/2006 Version 2.5.1

Arabic, Hebrew and Greek support +bugfixes for version 2.5.
See Version history for details.

10/01/2006 Version 2.5

LITE books with images, TINY core, filesystem access on Motorola C650, optimized ZIP extraction, full manual and several bugfixes. This version took a lot of time for development, but also became a major step in ReadManiac improvement.
See Version history for a full list of improvements.

24/12/2005 Site has been redesigned.

28/11/2005 Search engine has been updated.

Searh engine has been filled with links to and libraries. Now Search engine holds links to more than 60.000 books !

04/09/2005 Version 2.4

New slideshow modes, enchanced backlight control and more.
See Version history for a full list of improvements.

10/08/2005 Version 2.3g - A few bugfixes and improvements

This release includes several bugfixes for 2.3 version

23/07/2005 Version 2.3 - MIDP2.0 core, landscape mode, JSR-75 support

New MIDP2.0 core allows long awaited screen rotation feature.
JSR-75 API support allows phone's filesystem access on a lot of non-Siemens phones -
see JSR-75 support notes
See Version history for a list of improvements.

25/05/2005 Version 2.2 - Color and ClearType fonts, LITE version and more

Version 2.2 makes major steps with Color and ClearType fonts support,
and also LITE version.
Now ReadManiac Building Wizard can be used to convert books into midlets with embeded books (ReadManiac LITE). This is similar to way like other bookreaders work. So now ReadManiac is much more usable on low-end non-Siemens phones.
See Version history for a list of improvements.

25/05/2005 Part of ReadManiac sources has been released

I have released TMyFile class hierarchy. TMyFile provides unified access to txt, pdb,prc, tcr, zip files, and files in midlet resources.
Also hosting jzlib_j2me library by Alexandre Rusev, Alexey Soloviev (zlib port to j2me).
Check download section.

20/05/2005 Russian ReadManiac page opened

Russian ReadManiac page is now running at

17/04/2005 Quick fix for CX70

ReadManiac 2.1a has failed to browse directories on CX70 with lastest firmware.
Since version 2.2 is in the middle of development, I decided to release a quick fix for CX70 - prebuilt JAR files of midlet. See Version history

14/02/2005 Version 2.1a - quick fix for Nokia version

ReadManiac was unable to run on Nokia phones with "Error verifying class Z".
Now fixed.

09/02/2005 Version 2.1 - MIDP1.0 core, minor bugfixes

Now ReadManiac should work practically on any phone with JAVA support.
Check MIDP1.0 version notes
See a full list of improvements in Version history

25/01/2004 Fix for firmware 41 (Siemens 65 series)

This is NOT a new version of midlet. This is special version which works on firmware 41 and have several disadvantages. See Version history and Download section.

09/01/2004 Version 2.0 - ZIP, PDB and TCR support, German version and more

Considering small storage space, support for compressed files is a very usefull
feature. Check ZIP support notes
Search engine has been filled with links to ZIP files.
See a full list of improvemets in Version history

26/12/2004 Version 1.9a - Nokia version (Beta)

Now ReadManiac can be used on Nokia phones.
However, Nokia version has several limitations, read Nokia version notes
This version also features improved performance and minor bug fixes, check version history

16/12/2004 Version 1.9 - ReadManiac got search engine !

Now I can say that ReadManiac REALLY IS A Library in the pocket !
Just don't forget your phone when set out on travels, and you could read any book on your way !

A Search Engine with thousands of links is accesible right from midlet:
Select "File->Search book...", enter author or book title, and you can download found book with "File->Get HTTP..." !

19/11/2004 Slovak documentation inside package has been updated

Thanks to Peter Bachraty for translating faq.txt to Slovak.

14/11/2004 Version 1.8c - Czech version

+ file browser now can browse MMC card on S65 and subdirectories inside storage on SL45i FW56.

05/11/2004 Version 1.8b - File browser now works on C65V and other customized models.

+continue download ("Get next part of the file") now does not require to download and discard start of the file.
Start of the file is just skipped (if web server supports this).

31/10/2004 English-Central Europe version of midlet did not work. Now fixed.

27/10/2004 Version 1.8a - Slovak and English-Cyrillic version

+minor bugfixes. Read version history below.
Also midlet did not work if downloaded througth WAP since version 1.7. Now it's fixed.

24/10/2004 Version 1.8 - a lot of new features

C65 support, file browser on SL45i, partial download with continue, new fonts and more. This version has major improvements - read version history below.

29/09/2004 Version 1.7b - Timezone and daylight-saving bug fix

This version solves bug with clock late by 1 hour on 65 series. Also "Known bugs" section has been added.

23/09/2004 Version 1.7a - quick fix for file browser

I had various reports that file browser does not work. This version fixes this problem. Check version history below.

19/09/2004 Version 1.7 - full featured browser and more !

Check version history below. Also FAQ section has been updated.

15/08/2004 Version 1.6a - russian version of midlet available !

I need volunteers to translate midlet to other languages. If you can dedicate about 4 hours and treat this as serious job, please contact me. About 15Kb of text need to be translated.

03/08/2004 Version 1.6 with CX65, C60, MC60 and CF62 support.

Indudes new features and new font - read version history below.
Also FAQ section has been updated.

13/03/2004 Version 1.5 with a lot of new features. Read version history below.

29/01/2004 Version 1.4 - FREEWARE now !

Since at present days I do not have enought time to provide adequate support, which is required by good commercial application, I decided to make ReadManiac freeware.
New version also has increased stability on SL45i phones.

10/08/2003 Version 1.3 with PUNJAB script support.

Package includes PUNJAB font.

10/08/2003 FAQ section is updated.

10/08/2003 Version 1.2 with a lot of enchantments ! Read version history below.

10/08/2003 Register for a lower price ! New price is $4.99.













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