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   According to J2ME standart, phone should provide some permanent storage space for midlet. This space is frequently used for making savegames and storing settings. This permanent storage is named RecordStore.  
   If phone does not allow to access filesystem from midlet, than ReadManiac FULL can store downloaded books in RecordStore. Unfortunatelly, there is no way to access or upload any file to this internal filesystem. The only way to get a file is to download it from internet using book download dialog.  
   Some phones phovide too small space for normal fuctionality of ReadManiac FULL. For example, most Nokia series 40 phones provide only 20Kb of space. This space can hold only 100 pages of text. User have to download next part of file every 100 pages. In this case, it is reccomented to use LITE or TINY version of midlet.  
   Some phones allow to encrease storage space specifying special attribute in JAD file - "Midlet-Data-Size". Wizard allows to specify this attribute in advanced options. Some phones completely ignore this attribute.      
   Note. Some phones will refuse to install midlet, if specified value is larger than maximum. Maximum value depends on phone model. It is recommended to start from 50Kb, and than increase, until phone refuses to install midlet.  
   See also: What phone models allow to access phone's filesystem from midlet?

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