Midlet core
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   MIDP1.0 standart was designed with aim to provide similar runtime environment on phones from different vendors.  
   Unfortunatelly, this standart did not include usefull functionality like transparent sprites, backlight control, vibration, filesystem access, multimedia. Listed functionality was required by many J2ME games, so vendors start to include additional non-standart APIs in their phones. This made midlets incompatible beetween phones from different vendors.  
   Midlets for MIDP1.0 phones frequently work only on phones of some vendor, because they use vendor-specific APIs like Nokia UI API, Siemens Game API, Motorola FunLight, Samsung LCDLight and so on.  
   Fully compatible midlets should strictly follow MIDP1.0 standart.  
   MIDP2.0 introduction solved most problems, but J2ME games still have problems with different screen sizes.  
   It is worthy of special mention that filesystem access API is not strictly required by MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0 standarts and is an optional feature.  
   To provide fullscreen interface and filesystem access, ReadManiac have to use vendor-specific APIs. Thus there are exist several versions of ReadManiac for different phone models.  
   During midlet creation, Wizard select one of the midlet cores. Different cores use different vendor APIs, present in selected phone model.  
   Midlet for Generic MIDP1.0 phone strictly follows MIDP1.0 standart and should work on any phone model. Unfortunatelly, this version has no filesystem access, does not control backlight, have simplified keys mapping and may not work fullscreen.  
   At present time ReadManiac has the following cores:  
·MIDP1.0 core - universal core, strictly following MIDP1.0 standart;  
·MIDP1.0 core with backlight control - this version uses vendor-specific APIs for backlight control(if they present on the phone);  
·Motorola MIDP1.0 phone - for Motorola MIDP1.0 phones;  
·MIDP2.0 core - universal core, strictly following MIDP2.0 standart;  
·MIDP2.0 with JSR-75 API core - universal core following MIDP2.0 standart for phones with optional JSR-75 API;  
·MIDP2.0 with Siemens File API - code for Siemens 65+ series;  
·Siemens core - core for Siemens phones prior 65 series;  
·Nokia core - core for Nokia MIDP1.0 phones(series 40);  
·Siemens SX1 core - special core for Siemens SX1;  
·Morotola C650 core - core for Motorola C380/C650/E398/v635 phones with optional Motorola FileAccess API.  

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