MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0
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   Mobile Information Device Profile, MIDP, is a specification put out by Sun Microsystems for the use of Java on embedded devices such as cell phones and PDAs. MIDP describes application model and collections of APIs.  
   MIDP 1.0 (JSR 37) - original specification, providing basic functionality for mobile applications, including user interface and network security.  
   MIDP 2.0 (JSR 118) - reworked version of MIDP 1.0. New features include extended user interface, multimedia, network and wireless functionality, new security model. MIDP2.0 is compartible with MIDP1.0  
   MIDP2.0 phones can run midlets, writeln for MIDP1.0 devices.  
   See also: Midlet core  

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