CreateFont utility interface
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   Application present a simple interface shown on the picture.  
   Preview window on the right interactivelly shows effect of changing options. When you are satisfied with the settings, create font with "Create" button.  
   Readmaniac supports three different font types:  
   1. Black and white. These fonts are designed for black and white phones. These fonts have the smallest size, which are important, since some phones have midlet size limit.  
   2. Color fonts. Midlet can show color fonts only on color phones. Along with font size and style, user can select font and background color. "Antialiazed" option forces font to be antialiazed. User can andjust contrast and brightness for antialiazed fonts. A magnified image of "A" character is shown or the right side of a window for observing effect of brightness and contrast regulation.  
   3. ClearType fonts. ClearType is a technology for displaying antialiazed fonts on TFT screens. For user, it works similar to Color fonts, but features better smoothing. Apllication can create ClearType fonts only on Windows XP.  
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