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   "Scroller" enables scrooll bar at the right side of the screen..  
   "Status" allows to enable status bar at the top or bottom side of the screen, or disable it.  
   "Border->" enables single pixel border at the left side of the screen.  
   "Border|" enables single pixel border at the top side of the screen.  
   "Negative" option swaps text and background colors. This mode always supported for phone's fonts(STD). For additional font, this mode is supported only if it has been enabled while building midlet.  
   "Rotate" allows to rotate screen by 90, 180 and 270 deegrees (MIDP2.0 core only).  
   "Rotate keys" allows to rotate paging keys (joystick) when screen is rotated.  
   "Font color" selects text color. This option is availabe only for STD fonts.  
   "Back color" and "Back color2" select background colorz. These options are available only for STD fonts. Background color 2 is used for odd lines colouring.  
   "Wave color" selects line color for "Wave" slideshow mode.  

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