What file formats are supported by ReadManiac?
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   The main file format for ReadManiac is a plain text ("*.txt"). To convert any document to plain text, cut and paste text into Notepad and save it to file.  
   While downloading book, ReadManiac removes most HTML tags to convert document into plain text. Thus you can download and read books in HTML format. Please note, that HTML has to use one of the supported codepages.  

   Support for other formats is optional and selected during midlet creation. Phone should support JAR size limit at least 100Kb to handle additional formats.  
   With ReadManiac, you can read text files ("*.txt") from ZIP archives. ZIP files are browsed like directories in "File" menu. ZIP format has best the compression, but slow decompression speed.  
   Note. ZIP format does not support random access. To show page 1000, midlet has to decompress previous 999 pages. Decompression of large files can take a lot of time (several minutes). It is recommended to break book into several small files before compressing with ZIP, or use PDB format.  
   Note. If user interupts page extraction when opening file from ZIP archive, page number is stored into "Furthest" bookmark. Enter bookmarks menu and select "Furthest" bookmark to resume extraction.  
   Note. Siemens S55 has only 250Kb of heap and thus works unstable with ZIP format. Since decompression speed is slow on this phone, it is recommended to use PDB format.  
   PDB and PRC  
   These formats have best compression/access speed ratio.  
   ReadManiac supports only PDB files with internal format of PilotDoc(AportisDoc), TealDoc and HandStory. iSilo format IS NOT supported.  
   TCR format has slightly better compression than PDB, same access speed, but requires indexing. Indexing is done only once when file is opened first time. Indexing can take up to several minutes on low-end models.  

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