About me

–  Только вы мне особенно увлекаться не давайте.
– Чем?
– Да, собственно говоря, всем.

князь Мышкин, Даун Хаус


 First of all, I will introduce myself. I am Roman Lut, born in Ukraine, 1975. 

Living in Kiev, Ukraine.

I am C++ programmer over 15+ years in game development industry. See Portfolio for more info.

Working at the game development company lefts little free time, nevertheless I still dedicate several hours per week to my hobby projects.

– 3D Graphics engine programming (DirectX);
– virtual reality;
– reading (technical papers, science fiction);
– computer games (FPSs and RPGs).

Most recent interests:
– Robotics;
– homemade CNC;

Former interests:
– distributed & multi-core programming;
– demo design;
– general electronics.