Midlet with embeded book
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   Second category of midlets provide PC application for converting books into one or several midlets. These midelts are installed to phone and used to read embeded book. PC application could create several midlets from single book because of application size limit, which frequently is 64Kb.  
   Technicaly it looks like this: PC application take midlet core and glue it with book to produce J2ME application in the form of JAR file. JAR file uses ZIP compression internally, so it is possbile to embed even 100Kb of text into 64Kb JAR file.  
   Midlets of this kind have different cores with different features.  
   LITE and TINY versions of ReadManiac give possibility to read books with images and equations.  
   I hope now you understand what features have bookreader midlets, and you are ready for midlet installation.  

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